The Reiki Healing Site promotes all forms of Reiki.  We intended it to be a resource of videos that will inspire and encourage you to use Reiki Healing in your life.

There are far too many Reiki Healing sites that hide the awesome secrets of Reiki Healing.  These are purely commercial ventures aiming to make a profit.  

The founder of Reiki received the healing miracle of Reiki free from the Creator.
His goal was to teach Reiki Healing to the masses so that there could be “a healer in every home”.

Unfortunately, human greed and ego prevailed.  Even during his time opportunists flocked to him to learn the art of Reiki Healing for free only to later taint it with their own pathetic ego-driven variations which they sold at exorbitant prices.

Today unaware people pay tens of thousands for the privilege of being attuned into Reiki, by so-called Reiki Grandmasters wearing flowing robes with big pockets.

The only beneficiary of these courses and fake Reiki Initiations are the fraudulent Reiki Masters.   The loser in this sad scam is the Art of Reiki Healing and the hapless students who quickly become disillusioned by the lack of results through no fault of their own.

It is a known factor that the Creator, The Light, will never support fraudulent religious, spiritual and healing activities carried out by frauds.  Without support from the Light all these scams fail miserably and are doomed right from the start.

Fortunately, there are still a small number of Reiki Healing practitioners who very well that “Every human being is a Reiki Healing Master”.  Your institution will tell you who they are. 

There are also many sites that offer free Reiki Healing Resources.

Reiki Healing Self Healing Video Download

The Creator has engineered all human beings to be healers. 

You do not need a Reiki Attunement or Reiki Initiation from a pompous and greedy fraud. 

All you need is a loving heart and a mind aligned with the Creator.  After all, it is the Creator that does all the healing.

I encourage you to live a healthy life, exercise, take good supplements
such as molecular hydrogen
and take part in spiritual healing courses that come from the Light.

Be well.

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We updated the Reiki Healing Site on the 12 February 2020.